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iThat’s right, partying is our job (well, sort of). If you like stories, we have a decent one for you. Back, a long time ago in 2011, Reid and a buddy began filming weddings to pay for college (which surprisingly enough we actually did). After graduating Reid hung up the camera moved to Lake Charles to work as a Corrosion Engineer.

As with most people in their mid 20’s you go to a lot of weddings… Seeing a revamped and digitized old-time photo booth at a wedding, he got the itch to get back into the wedding business and decided to build a photo booth for his friends’s upcoming day of nuptials. That has led to years of attending parties, weddings and corporate events and helping to document memories for their hosts and guests, alike. 

Reid is a life long nerd, What does that mean for you? As with any nerd they are only satisfied with the best technology and software which has brought new and exciting photo booths and experiences that you would only see in big cities to Lake Charles. This has resulted in the business growing to be the premiere photo booth experiences in Lake Charles.

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Reid Bitten

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